The Confluence

The Confluence

An urban installation meant to bring us together.

Confluence: the junction of two rivers, especially rivers of approximately equal width; an act or process of merging
Cornerstone Architecture is excited to create \”The Confluence\”; an architectural installation with the goal to combat urban loneliness through connection and belonging. The Confluence is a place for coming together. Located at a confluence of Deshkan Ziibi (Thames River), we offer a one day pop-up installation that is for all of us. As we come together as a community, we merge our stories, our history, and our dreams for the future. We celebrate our commonalities and our differences. We build new relationships and deepen those we already have. 
Throughout the day, the installation will be activated by other Londoners as they use the space to engage community through their own City of Neighbours activity. Whether through a guided mediation, a musical interlude, or a poetry reading (exact events TBD), we will experience many different avenues of community and connection at the Confluence. 
The schedule of events will be updated on the Facebook event page as events are scheduled. If you are interested in activating the space with your own City of Neighbours event, reach out! We would love to host your event in or around the Confluence.
Tags: connection, architecture, installation, urban loneliness, belonging, Ivey Park, Confluence, design, community
Name of Activity Organizer: Cornerstone Architecture Inc. Start Time: 11:00am End Time: 4:00pm

Address: XPJV+6M London, Ontario

Location: Ivey Park, Forks of the Thames


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