The Breath and Poetry Project

The Breath and Poetry Project

An exploration of breathe and how we lose/give/claim it

“life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, But by the moments that take our breath away” author unknown Through experiential participation and self-reflection this exercise will call those in attendance to pay close attention to their breath and breathing; – How we give it away – How it is taken from you – How to claim your breath in the midst of struggles – How to ensure that you body , mind and spirit are receiving the breath they need The Latin root of the word “inspire” is “ to breath life into”, through this experience we will rediscover again to breath first for oneself and then for the good neighbour standing before or beside me. >> The Breath and Poetry Project is one of the activities taking part in the Confluence installation. See the Confluence Installation Facebook event page for more details. Name of Activity Organizer: Ciaran Mc Kenna Start Time: 1:30pm End Time: 2:00pm

Address: XPJV+6M London, Ontario

Location: Ivey Park, Forks of the Thames


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