About City of Neighbours Day

In 2017 and 2018, London joined cities across Canada and around the world in taking part in 100 in 1 Day. This year, Londoners are celebrating our very own “City of Neighbours Day” on Saturday, July 13.

The City of Neighbours Day Toolkit (Google Doc) gives an introduction to 100in1Day and explains how to plan and register an activity, as well as answers to some common questions. Anyone can take part!

See over 70 activity ideas for City of Neighbours Day

Download posters and social media images to print and share. Please use the hashtag #cityofneighbours. Thank you for your support!

City of Neighbours Day is about celebrating our city, improving it, connecting with community, and having fun! It’s about small ideas and big ideas, serious ideas and playful ideas, and about everybody being able to participate in whatever way they choose. Anyone can lead an activity, even if (or especially if!) you’ve never done anything like this before.

“City of Neighbours Day” is a partnership between the Urban League of London and Reimagine Co, with the support of the City of London. This year is the 50th birthday of the Urban League, and we hope to have at least 50 community activities on that one day!

The Urban League has been a pillar of the community for 5 decades, operating as an umbrella group to community and neighbourhood associations, building capacity and facilitating connections for neighbours and members across London.

Reimagine Co, founded in 2018, is a community hub located in the old Novack’s building on King Street. Its mission is to help Londoners to live more sustainable and connected lives, through workshops, demonstrations, experiments and shared learning.

Together, we are excited to collaborate on this project to celebrate our city of neighbours, and hope that it sparks creative citybuilding initiatives in our beautiful Forest City.

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